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Giới thiệu Dây đeo điện thoại trên cổ tiện dụng cho nam nữ

Product information
Name: 2 in 1 lanyard
Color: black white blue navy pink red orange
Light gray purple yellow rose red brown fluorescent green
Product characteristics
13 beautiful colors, detachable design is more convenient.Frosted buckle with metal texture plastic buckle with quality
Feeling also has a strong durability, so that wear comfortable and beautiful.This product can match various types of mobile phone border
Sets, mobile phones, document sets, etc.
Applicable model: mobile phone shell with lanyard hole design universal
Characteristics of this section
A: detachable 2 in 1, multicolor optional
This paragraph lanyard 11 colors take notes message need color
Name of product: korean rotary buckle lanyard
Product color:
Gray green yellow rose red white orange dark blue purple pink big red black light blue
Product length: 45cm-50cm
Lanyard length: 7cm
Accessories: detachable rotary buckle, rope
Product packaging this paragraph is not packed box
Scope of use: hanging mobile phone, game console, chest card lanyard, id lanyard, pass, hanging traffic card, work card, conference room badge, concert, wine party.
Liên kết: Son đa năng Flat Glossy Lipstick PK01 Lily Pink The Face Shop