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Giới thiệu Mobile Giá Đỡ Điện Thoại Đa Năng Để Bàn Tiện Dụng

Lightning mobile phone stand phone flat desktop artifact live bracket multifunctional phone
🔻Warm reminder
Please report any defects to customer service. please do not evaluate the product directly by differential evaluation.

Instructions for shopping:

1. uphold the principle of the fastest shipment The main shop is

3. if you are in urgent need, please use a chat to do your best
4. if there is a shortage of goods, you will be willing to let the buyer know

Give you the best service, the best price, the guaranteed quality
Please pay attention to usNew and promotional activities

Let you choose the three main reasons for our mobile phone accessories:
-shrimp 3c each creation franchise and long-term activities with shrimp skin, this flagship store is suitable for 7 days of appreciation. if you have any questions, please contact customer service
-each of our products has the same multi-program carefully checked, each confirmed the quality, quantity...Wait till correct check before shipment

(please note before placing the order)
📢Before bid, please read the store home announcement, subscript as agreed.
📢The picture is slightly polished, as each person's screen presents a different color, there is a risk of color difference, and defects are defined as affecting the use of goods.
The following conditions are not defective: small wire heads, small errors in size, color aberrations, micro dirt (washable), new odors, etc.
📢 Commodity factory mass production, or delivery process, may cause defects, receive goods please check for defects, etc.
And contact us within three days.
📢Buyers can cancel their orders by themselves before the seller's application number. the order status is in the order processing process and cannot be canceled.
📢Please do not use evaluation as a bridge of communication. if there are any questions about the goods, please talk about how to handle them for you.

(shipping attention)
📢Welcome order, bid within 24 hours, please wait patiently

📢If there is a shortage of goods, we will notify you later

Customer service counseling:
📢Online consultation, questions welcome to inquire, dedicated online service for you.
📢If you find the product abnormal when you receive it, please take photos and order, pass it to chat, customer service personnel will handle it for you immediately.
📢Service hours: week one~friday 09: 00~18: 00 (holiday and state holidays rest)
📢If there's no reply in one day, please talk about one more time, shrimp chat occasionally will fail to eat the message
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