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Giới thiệu Nhẫn Đỡ Điện Thoại Hình Dơi Độc Đáo Đứng

Material: metal material

(characteristics of this commodity)
-ultra thin fashion bat shape
-metal appearance, other brand finger ring buckle styling
-ring 360 degree rotation angle, vertical direction 180°, easy to operate
4.3m adhesive, environmentally friendly and practical, without residue
-fall, theft, robbery
-hand-held anti-fall buckle, table can be used as support frame, car can be used in car bracket
-small portable, not space~
-similar digital devices, such as mobile phones and tablet computers, are available
(modus operandi)
Please wipe the phone & tablet case clean before adhesive. no dust or sweat stains
Compare the seat with the ring buckle and tear off the glue paper
Press the finger ring 90 degrees vertically after a little push for five seconds.
Store description:
Store goods are real shot

Each multi-channel program is carefully checked to confirm the quality...Wait till correct check before shipment

Dear, don't use negative reviews to evaluate them at will. we 'll pay for the quality when we receive a broken package
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