Phụ Kiện Kẹp Giấy Bằng Nhựa Tiện Lợi

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Giới thiệu Phụ Kiện Kẹp Giấy Bằng Nhựa Tiện Lợi

Size: about 3.1 * 7.7cm / 1.22 * 3in
Name: Hanging File Folder Tabs
Quantity: 60 pcs / pack
Product use: quick hanging labor accessories
Material: PVC
Color classification:as shown
Bullet Points:
1 Durable and Bendable: 60 sets of folder index label sheets and white labels, each set includes 1 white blank insert label and 1 transparent plastic label sheet, selected environmentally friendly plastic sheet, not easy to carry, durable and bendable.
2 Safe to Use: The intimate design of the corners and soft rounded corners won't cut your hands.
3 Convenient and Durable: Release it after curling, and press it for a while to restore the flatness.
4 File Assistant: If you have extended the suspended folder for a long time, this folder index tabs and tags will save you time and effort.

Packing List:
1 * pack of 60 PCS Hanging Folder Index Label Film

Liên kết: Sữa dưỡng nâng cơ trẻ hóa da Yehwadam Myeonghan Miindo Ultimate Emulsion (140ml)